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LEGO Avatar Fire Nation Ship 3829

Regular price AU$899

Can the Avatar escape Prince Zuko spursuit?

Prince Zuko has sworn to capture the Avatar, and with the unstoppable Fire Nation Ship under his command, he just might succeed! Can Aang and Katara use their incredible powers to escape the mighty ship s fire-hurling catapult and secret prison cell? If so, they ll still have to get past the smaller ship hidden inside!

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Aang the Avatar, Katara, Prince Zuko, Firebender, Fire Nation soldier.
  • Builds the Fire Nation ship with speed boat
  • Hinged ships tower opens to reveal playset
  • Ship is defended by a block-throwing catapult
  • Ship measures over 18" long (46cm) and over 12" (30cm) high!
  • Item #: 3829
  • Ages: 8-12
  • Pieces: 722
  • Hard to Find Item

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