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MKS Grafight XX BMX Bicycle Pedals

Regular price AU$69

In 1982, MKS have released a pedal called GRAFIGHT-XX , which became so popular among BMX riders. Since its fade out from our catalogue, we have received many requests for reproduction, and now we release a modified version as GRAFIGHT-XX, which keeps features of original.

The GRAFIGHT-X was one of the earliest pedals on the market to use Synthetic Fiberglass Resin- which MKS proudly proclaimed to be nearly half of the weight of an aluminum alloy pedal body while being twice as ridged and strong. While originally developed for BMX, MKS have found this to be an excellent pedal for e-bikes.

More Details
  • Labyrinth dust seal that provides excellent water and dust proofing
  • MKS’s hand adjusted cup and cone bearing system
  • 21 molded protrusions in three shapes to provide a stable grip
  • Design that is slightly concave toward the center of the pedal.
  • Quality MKS Cup & Cone bearings
  • Weight: Approx. 440g pair
  • Size: L 102 mm × W 87 mm
  • Material: Reinforced plastic body
  • Colour: Black
  • Made In Japan

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